News bulletins from the KK4QBN SysOps.

  • Choose Avatar from KK4QBN Shell
    Thu Feb 08 2018 06:31:20
    You may now choose your avatar from the KK4QBN Shell, You can also change and
    create new avatars there also. These avatars work not only on KK4QBN BBS, But
    are also networked on every message network that supports use of avatars.

    There are also many COOL changes coming for those who use Syncterm like near 3d
    like graphic rendering without sacrificing speed, and much more. start scanning
    the Synchronet Development group for these additions.

    I have left the Ligtbar and Default Synchronet shells up as an option for those
    who want to use them.

    Any questions, do NOT hesitate to ask!


    Tim Smith (KK4QBN)
  • New Updates Folks
    Thu Feb 08 2018 05:33:46
    I have some wonderful new updates people, I hae the latest source code
    downloaded, compiled, and running.

    This not only allows for better security, but Now one can pick their own avatar
    to be used on the BBS and message bases, it's simple to do, go into XTRNS, Main
    Menu and choose Avatar chooser, You may select a pre built on, or create one of
    your own. Have a read on the Synchronet website for the specs of these avatars.

    The avatars will follow your messages to ANY system that supports the avatars

    I am also testing with the newer versions of Syncterm coming out for the new
    BITMAPS and fonts.

    Also, Until I implement the avatars function into the KK4QBN menuset I have
    activated the default Synchronet menuset, and also the Lightbar Shell too, they
    both can be chosen in your user setup.

    This may give me a whole new reason to completely rethink my menus, I would
    like to create some that are good on the eyes and easy to navigate also.

    Also, I have added about 8000 or so more files to the database bringing it
    close to 20000 with more coming.

    Folks, I need your help. I want to know what you want out of this BBS, Now that
    I have most all the bugs worked out (Excellent for a devel version) I have time
    to make it as good as possible!

    BTW, I have created a BASH script that updates my IP records on the GODADDY
    servers for the domain name, so we will not have to worry about it
    being down anymore.

    Ideas people!

    Love you guys, you're the greatest!


    Tim Smith (KK4QBN)
    Mon Jan 08 2018 07:48:46
    Hello All!

    Quick Update.

    All SRE Games have been reset, and the BRE and STARTREK versions of SRE have
    been put into tournament mode and play until 06-08-18.

    These LOCAL games are also reset:

    Barren Realms Elite
    The Clans
    Planets TEOS

    All network game resets are subject to LC rules and regs.

    I will be posting a poll message later asking about more content to be
    installed. please be sure to participate. Thank you!


    Tim Smith (KK4QBN)
  • New Synchronet BBS List
    Wed Dec 13 2017 05:58:40
    Hello Folks,

    Quick update for you, we are now running the lastest and greatest Synchronet
    BBS list available, It is completely reworked in JS and very nice, Digital Man
    has done an excellent job with it. This version of the bbs list allows you a
    "Live Preview" of the BBS, meaning you can actually visit the BBS right from
    the listing, so since that option is available, I have done away with the
    telgate menu to the few BBS systems I had listed.

    The new SBBSLIST is updated 4 times daily from this BBS, and it also produces
    an HTML page of bbs listings also "" Lets all
    give Rob (DM) a big hoorah, and enjoy the new SBBSLIST. (Available in Externals
    under menu option 1).

    Very soon I will have the LOGIN sequence setup to ask if you would like to view
    the BBSlist (YN) and then ask if you would like a Quick Login (Straight to Main

    I have a few workarounds to deal with before getting it implemented. but I'm
    sure it will be handy for some of the users who log in multiple times (like

    Take Care!


    Tim Smith (KK4QBN)
  • Updates
    Tue Nov 21 2017 12:01:16
    As you can see there have been quite a bit of changes to the BBS as of lately.

    1.. Have installed every flavor of Solar Realms possbile and actually working
    on 2 or 3 more. (Stargate, The Orville) for sure. Please get in on soem
    SRE.. would be nice to have some players.. I have set some up to be short
    time and some with more turns. my favorites are DUNE and STARTREK.

    2..I'm Working on Getting ALL the Bob Dalton doors installed in the local
    DosEmu section, have a few "Working" but there are some dropfile issues
    making the games get people confused.. I will have this worked out soon..
    Your free to play around with them but don't expect to save any scores
    because as soon as it gets fixed it will all be reset.

    3..ANOTHER menu shell change.. think this one is EASY to use, Left some
    shortcuts to externals, as well as an option to still use the lightbar
    shell if you want to.

    4..We are getting more and more web intergration.. especialy into the
    @kk4qbn_bbs twitter account. It will leave posts of what users are playing
    etc, but I'm not going to have it post anything sensitive or that may
    invade your privacy.

    5...The SMTP and POP3 Servers are DOWN for the moment, there is an issue with
    two of the DNSBL (Anti Spam) Features causing the BBS to kenel level Seg
    Fault, and I really don't wanna have to rig a watchdog to turn the BBS back
    on when it does this, I just want to fix it right.. these servers are not
    used much anyway.. the most use I see out of them is bots trying to relay

    6..I've noticed that my IRC server is doing a netsplit from the SBBS irc
    network at times.. I don't know why, I think someone down the line has
    something misconfigured.. when it is connected correctly, there should be
    many users and a few channels, when it netsplits, it's just my server alone.

    ok thats all I can think of for now, will update with more info later when I
    get time.. Have a job to go do.


    Tim Smith (KK4QBN)
  • November 10th Update
    Sat Nov 11 2017 06:31:38
    Have been making some updates to the system, many are more of a technical
    nature then cosmetic, although the website has made a couple cosmetic changes..
    I've been cleaning some JS, and tying up a few loose ends.

    Also, I'm trying my dambdest to get SRE (Solar Realms Elite) working.. It will
    not work because a Y2K Bug, and the regular TPPATCH method will not work since
    it was'nt written in TP. I've tried all the workarounds and cheats to get it
    going.. if anyone has ideas.. PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

    BTW.. I've added more FILES to download.. lots of new hacks, cracks, etc..


    Tim Smith (KK4QBN)
  • Weekly Update
    Thu Nov 02 2017 20:10:37
    Hello All,

    I've made some time changes for level 50 users (most of you).

    LEvel 50 users get 4 hours per day, you can stay online up to two hours at a
    time before being logged off.. if you need more time you can log right back in
    with no issue.

    External programs have time restrictions based on the type of program.

    some (bulletins, SynWX, etc) only have 5 minute time windows, if you do not
    complete what you need completed in that window you will be kicked from that
    program, if you have'nt finished, you can go right back into it. same with the

    Most games are set 30-45 minutes of play time before being kicked, if not
    finished within that time you can go right back into the game, nothing will be
    lost, all your information and progress is saved.

    Ive had to do this due to users having issues with socket connections,
    sometimes users using the web, or even bots will open an external and stay idle
    all day leaving that program unusable for others.

    This should fix the issue..

    Take Care!


    Tim Smith (KK4QBN)
  • BBSLink
    Tue Oct 31 2017 07:11:52
    I'm going to open BBSLink usage back up to the public, just be aware, something
    is not right about it.. The Admin swears he is not playing any games, much less
    cheating, but I have found numerous bits of evidence to prove otherwise.


    Tim Smith (KK4QBN)
  • BBSLink
    Tue Oct 31 2017 07:11:52
    I'm going to open BBSLink usage back up to the public, just be aware, something
    is not right about it.. The Admin swears he is not playing any games, much less
    cheating, but I have found numerous bits of evidence to prove otherwise.


    Tim Smith (KK4QBN)
  • BBSLink
    Sun Oct 29 2017 13:59:23
    Hello All,

    Just thought I'd let you know, We are on the brink, If not already, Going to do
    away with BBSLink. It has come to my attention that Mark (The Sysop) is playing
    some of these games and using the player editor to up his own, and friends of
    his stats...

    I would'nt believe it at first if he himself did'nt bloat my own stats in BRE
    after I created BBSLink Network.

    I ended up deleting BBSLink Network after I found that cheating was rampant on
    this door server.

    I'm soon to delete BBSLink itself. Right now for some reason this system cannot
    connect to BBSLink, I don't know if it is because I called Mark out on his crap
    and he has banned my IP, or what.. but at the moment I have it unavaailable to
    users unless Mark specifically tells me he will put an end to this mess.

    Another Prime example, Myself, and another user "BoardTiger" joined BBSLinks
    version of TEOS on the same day, and in ONE DAY BoardTiger was able to buy the
    most expensive vessile, conquer 2 planets, fill that vessel with drones,
    storage spots, shields, torpedos.. Plus put Utopia Planetary Defense on all his
    planets.. it would take more than 50,000.000 dollars to do this.

    This is over a months worth of work for the BEST teos player (I am one of

    So the only thing that could have happened is he used the player editor to
    boost his money and holdings.

    I will forward this message to the bulletins and general message area if anyone
    wants to discuss.

    I'm thinking about creating an RLOGIN server of my own to serve up some of the
    Best door games available (I did this many years ago, long before BBSLink) and
    this server will also include a message network and score distribution network.


    Tim Smith (KK4QBN)
    Sat Oct 28 2017 20:28:12

    Starting money: 10,000.000.0

    Immigration IGM, and other Ship and NPC MODS.

    JUMP IN!
    Fri Oct 27 2017 11:21:32
    Since the BRE LEAGUE 10 RESET I have managed to keep KK4QBN BBS on top, I need
    help.. if anyone wants to play any BRE InterBBS, RIGHT NOW is the time to jump
    Wed Oct 25 2017 11:30:13
    Planets: The Exploration Of Space

    This text was taken from the PLANETS: TEOS Fansite

    Owning planets is how you can gain a significant strategic edge over other
    players. By conquering planets you can gain control over interstellar
    trade and manipulate what happens in the galaxy.

    Some Benefits:

    Safety If you quit the game while orbitting a planet you own, the planets'
    defense systems will protect you.

    Fighter Drones left on the planet will replicate themselves.

    Tax Revenue will be generated for your own personal use. The greater
    the population, the greater the tax revenue. The Population steadily
    increases generating more revenue for you.

    Trade Revenue from transactions (regardless of whether players trade
    there or not) will be generated for your own personal use.

    Conquering a planet can be a difficult task if the planet has good
    defenses. There are a couple items that can aid you when attempting
    a takeover:

    Zone Atomic Bombs are used when attacking a planet. Will destroy
    fighters on the planet. Usually a few hundred thousand.

    Onboard Printing Kits are used when attacking a planet. Allows
    you to use the power of persuasion to inspire the people on the
    planet to rise up and destroy fighter drones on their planet.
    Effectiveness will vary depending on the size of the population
    on the planet.

    Before Launching an Attack you will want to ensure that you have
    a combination of zone atomic bombs, onboard printing kits and a
    large number of fighters. Making such a maneuver shouldn't be
    taken lightly, having your ship destroyed by a Utopia Defense
    System can set you back greatly.

    When you launch an attack on the planet (using the Planet menu)
    you will have menu options available to you to use the above
    items and launch your fighters. Once you have destroyed all the
    fighters on the planet, you can Demand Submission.

    The Utopian Planetary Defense defends the planet by launching a
    defensive blast at your ship when you initially attack and each
    time you launch an attack of some form. The defense unit has
    fuel stored on the planet to power its' defensive blasts. As it
    runs out of fuel, its' attacks will be less effective. You will
    want to be sure you have a large number of shield batteries,
    particularly due to that first defensive blast. My recommendation
    is no less than 500,000.

    Note: If you have more fighter drones than those residing on
    the planet, you may want to launch an attack early in the battle.
    This will keep you from receiving blast after blast from the
    Utopian Planetary Defense system and save the fuel remaining
    in that system for your own use when you conquer the planet.

    Name & Description Owning a planet gives you the option to name
    it something different and give it a different description.

    Beacon Status This allows you to set the beacon status so that
    only you can warp directly to the planet. You can leave the
    beacon status open as goodwill for traders, but should someone
    decide they want to take over that particular planet it would
    be easy for them to warp to it. The main benefit of limiting
    beacon access is to make it more difficult to single out your
    planet for an attack. If need be you can make someone an ally
    in your cartel and give them beacon privileges.

    Trading Privileges By making the planet Private you only allow
    your Cartel and Allies to trade. This is mostly beneficial if
    you want to prevent enemy players from enjoying the benefit of
    the items sold there. For instance, if you own Eden, then you
    can prevent other players from being able to purchase Eden Warp
    Units. Likewise, you may have inexpensive fighter drones or
    some other benefit. It is possible that you gain funds from
    other players trading on your planet, which is a reason to leave
    trading privileges open.

    World Treasury Your planet has a world treasury where you can leave
    funds. This allows you to store a lot more money than you typically
    can in a bank (500,000 is the default). Furthermore, if your planet
    has good defenses, it is also a much safer place to keep your cash
    than on your ship.

    Store Items You have the option of storing items on the planet. You
    can only store one kind of item on a planet at a time, but as many
    as you want.

    Utopian Planetary Defense can be installed at planets you own if
    they do not already have one. Defends your planet from attackers.
    When installing you will need to set the percentage of fuel power
    you want the defense unit to use in an attack. As the fuel runs
    out the strength of the defensive blasts will lessen.

    Fighter Drones You will want to leave fighter drones on the planet.
    The fighter drones clone themselves every day. The more you leave,
    the more you'll have the following day.

    Having a good ship is crucial. Some ships are not worth spending
    money on. Some ships may have great fighting capabilities, but
    weak for trading.

    The ThrustMaster, Garbage Scow, Bantam, Maxiport, Sentinel, Reconnoiter
    and Mauler are all available on both Earth and Norhaven.

    The Ardent Supplier, Revelation, Prophecy and ACCOLADE are only
    available on Earth and may only be purchased by members of the Alliance.

    The MayhemMaster, Nognutter, Quietus, LEXOR, and APOCALYPSE are
    available only on Norhaven and may only be purchased by members
    of the Maraken.

    Note: Ship Details/Statistics can vary depending on the configuration
    of the game by the Sysop of the BBS.

    Ship Data
    1. Thrustmaster Symbol : S
    Standard Jump Reactor Power : 8
    Possible Reactor Upgrades : 3
    Torpedo Bays : 1
    Base Cargo Spaces Included : 10 of 50
    Ship Fighting Odds : 1.0
    Max Fighter Drone Control : 1,500
    Max Shields : 750
    Cost : $58,600

    2. Garbage Scow Symbol : 88
    Standard Jump Reactor Power : 7
    Possible Reactor Upgrades : 2
    Torpedo Bays : 0
    Base Cargo Spaces Included : 7 of 40
    Ship Fighting Odds : 0.7
    Max Fighter Drone Control : 800
    Max Shields : 1,000
    Cost : $13,900

    3. Bantam Symbol : F
    Standard Jump Reactor Power : 12
    Possible Reactor Upgrades : 1
    Torpedo Bays : 0
    Base Cargo Spaces Included : 5 of 25
    Ship Fighting Odds : 1.6
    Max Fighter Drone Control : 300
    Max Shields : 200
    Cost : $33,500

    4. MaxiPort Symbol : O=O=O
    Standard Jump Reactor Power : 7
    Possible Reactor Upgrades : 4
    Torpedo Bays : 0
    Base Cargo Spaces Included : 35 of 125
    Ship Fighting Odds : 0.7
    Max Fighter Drone Control : 1,500
    Max Shields : 3,000
    Cost : $237,000

    5. Sentinel Symbol : I
    Standard Jump Reactor Power : 8
    Possible Reactor Upgrades : 5
    Torpedo Bays : 2
    Base Cargo Spaces Included : 20 of 70
    Ship Fighting Odds : 0.9
    Max Fighter Drone Control : 5000
    Max Shields : 500
    Cost : $1,224,000

    6. Reconnoiter Symbol : 
    Standard Jump Reactor Power : 8
    Possible Reactor Upgrades : 4
    Torpedo Bays : 3
    Base Cargo Spaces Included : 20 of 90
    Ship Fighting Odds : 1.0
    Max Fighter Drone Control : 30,000
    Max Shields : 1,000
    Cost : $1,840,000

    7. MayhemMaster Symbol : }->
    Standard Jump Reactor Power : 6
    Possible Reactor Upgrades : 6
    Torpedo Bays : 6
    Base Cargo Spaces Included : 20 of 75
    Ship Fighting Odds : 1.3
    Max Fighter Drone Control : 10,000
    Max Shields : 1,000
    Cost : $2,270,000

    8. Ardent Supplier Symbol :
    Standard Jump Reactor Power : 8
    Possible Reactor Upgrades : 0
    Torpedo Bays : 0
    Base Cargo Spaces Included : 20 of 400
    Ship Fighting Odds : 0.7
    Max Fighter Drone Control : 1,000
    Max Shields : 5,000
    Cost : $3,500,000

    9. Mauler Symbol : -{}
    Standard Jump Reactor Power : 8
    Possible Reactor Upgrades : 6
    Torpedo Bays : 4
    Base Cargo Spaces Included : 45 of 150
    Ship Fighting Odds : 1.0
    Max Fighter Drone Control : 250,000
    Max Shields : 15,000
    Cost : $5,000,000

    10. Nognutter Symbol : --
    Standard Jump Reactor Power : 4
    Possible Reactor Upgrades : 10
    Torpedo Bays : 2
    Base Cargo Spaces Included : 25 of 100
    Ship Fighting Odds : 0.9
    Max Fighter Drone Control : 100,000
    Max Shields : 10,000
    Cost : $5,700,000

    11. Quietus Symbol :
    Standard Jump Reactor Power : 10
    Possible Reactor Upgrades : 6
    Torpedo Bays : 10
    Base Cargo Spaces Included : 12 of 50
    Ship Fighting Odds : 1.5
    Max Fighter Drone Control : 5,000
    Max Shields : 1,000
    Cost : $6,500,000

    12. Revelation Symbol : }
    Standard Jump Reactor Power : 8
    Possible Reactor Upgrades : 3
    Torpedo Bays : 4
    Base Cargo Spaces Included : 40 of 70
    Ship Fighting Odds : 0.9
    Max Fighter Drone Control : 20,000
    Max Shields : 5,000
    Cost : $7,243,900

    13. Prophecy Symbol : }
    Standard Jump Reactor Power : 8
    Possible Reactor Upgrades : 4
    Torpedo Bays : 6
    Base Cargo Spaces Included : 75 of 225
    Ship Fighting Odds : 1.1
    Max Fighter Drone Control : 200,000
    Max Shields : 10,000
    Cost : $9,220,000

    14. ACCOLADE Symbol : }-
    Standard Jump Reactor Power : 10
    Possible Reactor Upgrades : 6
    Torpedo Bays : 10
    Base Cargo Spaces Included : 100 of 300
    Ship Fighting Odds : 1.1
    Max Fighter Drone Control : 1,000,000
    Max Shields : 100,000
    Cost : $36,000,000

    15. LEXOR Symbol : --
    Standard Jump Reactor Power : 8
    Possible Reactor Upgrades : 6
    Torpedo Bays : 5
    Base Cargo Spaces Included : 40 of 200
    Ship Fighting Odds : 1.0
    Max Fighter Drone Control : 150,000
    Max Shields : 10,000
    Cost : $13,439,000

    16. APOCALYPSE Symbol : -
    Standard Jump Reactor Power : 8
    Possible Reactor Upgrades : 8
    Torpedo Bays : 10
    Base Cargo Spaces Included : 100 of 300
    Ship Fighting Odds : 1.1
    Max Fighter Drone Control : 1,000,000
    Max Shields : 100,000
    Cost : $29,340,000

    When battling it is important to not to overextend yourself. If a
    ship has considerably more fighter drones and shields than you,
    then it is best to avoid getting into a battle.

    Torpedos can be loaded on to your ship at Earth and Norhaven if
    you have torpedo bays and can be useful for bringing down ships
    stronger than you.

    Some ships have better fighting odds which gives them an edge in
    battle. The Maraken ships tend to have better fighting odds, but
    are usually weaker for trading.

    Battling members of your own alliance will reflect badly on your
    record if you are a member of one.

    Upon defeating a ship, you will have the option of destroying or
    plundering your enemy. You gain additional experience from destroying
    the enemy ship, but you do not get the benefit of examining their
    cargo bays which often have useful items or upgrades for your ship.

    If your Ship Gets Destroyed The game is not over, but it may take
    some effort to get back up and going. Make sure that you always keep
    the maximum amount of money that you can in your bank account that way
    you'll have some startup cash.

    Upon destruction you will be launched into a mini-game where you
    attempt to hitch a ride from a passing ship. Ships will cross the
    screen, as will meteors. Take care not to get hit by a meteor or
    you will die and will have to wait till tomorrow to try again to
    hitch a ride.

    Once you are picked up, you will be given a garbage scow to get
    started. The garbage scow is very limited and only has 7 cargo
    spaces, so you will want to upgrade to a new ship as soon as
    you have the cash.

    Cartels are the manner by which you form alliances with other
    players on Planets. It helps you manage your planets and allows
    you to share the benefits of owning them.

    If you are the boss of a cartel and you are a member of either
    the Alliance or the Marakens then it requires all members to be
    members of those alliances. For this reason, it can be beneficial
    to be neutral so that individuals can join regardless of their
    alliance. You can also simply make individuals Allies to your
    cartel, giving them beacon and trade benefits, without the full
    privileges of being in the cartel.

    The Alliance
    The Alliance Headquarters are located on Earth. There you can
    register to join, buy ships including those only for the Alliance,
    and check your status as a member of the Alliance.

    When asked why you want to join the Alliance, give reasons about
    why you want to save the universe, etc. You can also say "I LOVE
    JENNIE GARTH", which worked nicely for me.

    Killing other members of the Alliance will give you negative
    points on your status. For what reason this is detrimental, I
    don't know, but it's probably not a good idea.

    The Maraken Headquarters, Hell City, are located on Norhaven.
    Like the the Alliance headquarters, you can register to join,
    buy ships including those only for the Maraken, and check your status.

    When asked why you would be good for the Maraken, give reasons
    about wanting to destroy the universe, etc.

    Killing other members of the Maraken will give you negative
    points on your status.

    Special Items
    Most items you encounter are merely tradable items, but some
    have special uses:

    Fighter Drones are used to battle other players and NPCs.

    Shield Batterys increase your shield strength. The maximum
    shield strength varies depending on your ship.

    Big Cargo Spaces increase the amount of cargo you can carry.
    The more you can move on a trade run, the more money you make.

    Reactor Units increases your reactor power, giving you a longer
    flight plan and more power to use when making direct warps to
    specific planets. It must be charged before enjoying the benefits
    (will have to wait until the next day).

    Device of Cloakings allow you to cloak and make yourself invisible
    to other ships in the game. When you use a Device of Cloaking it
    will ask you at what level you want to cloak your ship at. It is
    important to note that you are not choosing what strength in which
    to cloak, but rather the frequency in which to cloak your ship.
    Unless they use an Anticloak Scanner at your level/frequency,
    they will not see you.

    Anticloak Scanners allow you to search for other players who
    have cloaked themselves. When you use the Anticloak Scanner
    it will ask you what level you want to scan. If there is a ship
    cloaked at that same level it will be visible to you and you
    will have the option to battle the player. While traveling you
    will know if there are players cloaked at a given planet as it
    will indicate that your scanners are experiencing interference.

    Eden Warp Unit allows you to warp to any planet of your choosing,
    whether or not the beacon of that planet is enabled.

    Note: See Planets ? Conquering for information about Zone
    Atomic Bombs, Onboard Printing Kits and Utopia Planetary Defense systems

    The Eye If you give $500,000 dollars to the Dreamora Temple you
    get a special device installed on to your ship which allows you to
    Psychoanalyze your enemies telling you their disposition towards you.
  • BRE League10 Reset
    Wed Oct 25 2017 09:31:17
    BRE League10 has been reset because of a corrupt database file on the League
    coordinators side.

    right now would be a great time to jump in to even the playing field.


    Tim Smith (KK4QBN)
  • Planets, The Exploration of Space.
    Thu Oct 19 2017 09:37:41
    Hello Players and SCI-FI Buffs Alike,

    I've made some changes to our Planets TEOS Configurations.

    (1). Now there is only 1 LOCAL game avaiable to play, This game will evolve as
    it is being played. New planets added as if they are being discovered
    by explores, New Ships (NPC) will be created carrying LOTS of riches.
    Each player starts out with 5,000000 dollars.. Yes.. 5 Millions.. This
    Can Buy you a nice ship with all the goodies. I've also figured out
    how to install IGMS under DOSEMU, So I will be installing the BEST
    right now I have the IMMIGRATION OFFICE installed on every other planet
    this IGM is good for people who have planets to bring their populations
    up so they can collect more TAX dollars..

    Come Play, Hate Playing with myself :) lol...

    (2) Then BBSLink version of TEOS is also Available. You don't get as much
    play time but there are a few more players (couple more).

    I want Planets TEOS on KK4QBN BBS to be the BEST TEOS of any BBS open today
    and I cannot do this without YOU!. I know most of you have to be SCI-FI nuts
    just like I am, so send me suggestions for planets, NPCS, SHIPS, ETC.. We're
    going to end up having it looking like a mix between StarTrek, StarGate, The
    Orville, and Starwars!..

    Lets do this $hit Man!


    Tim Smith (KK4QBN)
  • Games
    Thu Oct 19 2017 01:09:16
    Hello All

    Please Remember, When Playing DOOR GAMES, after you have completed them PLEASE
    EXIT THEM CORRECTLY so they will shut down correctly! I've fixed the batch
    files as good as I can to rememdy the situation when someone either drops
    carrier or just leaves the game sitting there. but remember games like BRE only
    allow 1 person to play at a time so if you dropped carrier on it and the BBS
    did'nt detect it, it will just sit there not being used.

    and on the subject of dropping carrier, or just lingering.. DON'T. when you are
    finished, LOG OUT of the BBS the correct way so all files are closed correctly!



    Tim Smith (KK4QBN)
  • Possible Downtime IRMA.
    Mon Sep 11 2017 20:13:20
    Hello all,

    We've been spared the worst of the Hurrican/Tropical storm (in N GA) Irma so
    far. but it is supposed to get a bit worse tonight, So I thought I would warn
    that if the BBS is down, its for this reason.

    If it does go down and you get connection issues, I will have it back up ASAP.

    Heavy wind and rains is usually our main issue up here because of the trees
    taking out powerlines, poles, etc. and other infrastructre. hopefully the
    Windstream infrastructure will hold up because we all know how long it takes
    them to get anything fixed.

    God bless our Linemen though, I hope and pray for their safety.

    KK4QBN BBS, Host of BBSLink QWK NETWORK (Not BBSLink Gaming).


    Tim Smith (KK4QBN)
  • Sep 06 2017 - Bulletin
    Wed Sep 06 2017 10:41:20
    Updates for September.

    Not much to report here but here are some items off the top of my head:

    1. Added an addition Planets TEOS, with Added NPCs, Planets, Items.

    2. Changed the External menus lists name. to JS Games and DOS door games.

    3. Added the BBSLink Wall to the logoff sequence.

    This is all I can think of offhand. Changes are always noted on the PostIt
    wall on the login sequence.

    I have a feeling we are in store for some very bad weather in the next couple
    weeks. Be advised that if Thunderstorms get real bad the BBS may be down.

    If you have any doorgame request, or any other questions, please do not
    hesitate to ask!

    Thanks and 73!
  • Some new Additions/Changes.
    Sun Aug 06 2017 18:46:26
    Happy Weekend Everyone!

    I have some new additions, Changes to tell you guys about.

    (1) KK4QBN BBS Now has a Twitter account
    This account is automatically updated through the BBS when users
    login, etc. Our Website also has a Twitter
    widged on the left sidebar (under the nodelist and sysem info) to keep
    you updated. I will be intergrating more of the twitter API code into
    the BBS to keep the twitter feed updated. However, I will not put so
    much info out that it would invade ones privacy. Keep an eye out! This
    is a pretty cool feature.

    (2) I have made a couple changes to the website. It should be a bit easier to

    (3) I have installed 2 new DOS doorgames and 2 or 3 new Javascript doorgames,
    all can be found under externals.

    (4) BBSLinkNet areas that have corresponding score files, will have score files
    posted in those areas on a nightly basis, along with having the whole lot
    posted in the scores area.

    (5) I have Re-Installed the Oneliners app from E-Chicken, It now accesses the
    Local JSON database, so we will not longer have database timeouts. You can
    access this app in the externals section, or just by initiating a REGULAR
    logoff from the menu system.

    (6) If you have not noticed already, I have overhauled the whole menu system
    if you are still partial to the lightbar system, you can still gain access
    to the lightbar system from the main menu.

    (7) All bulletins are now available via the website also. Anything you find on
    the terminal, you should also be able to access on the website.

    Ok. for now this is all I can think of. I'm sure I've forgotten a few topics.

    But they will come up as time goes ny.

    Have a great upcoming week!
  • Hello!
    Fri Jul 28 2017 15:10:27
    Hello Folks!

    I've been pretty much off the face of the planet for the past couple weeks. It
    is very nice to get back and see that all the rightguards I set place within
    the two servers setup to make KK4QBN what it is worked correctly (all but the
    DIALUP server, I have reason to believe it may have been down a few days).

    Other than that it seems the system has been running flawlessly in my absence.
    This is what I have been working so hard to acheive. It may seem simple to
    some, but I actually have a lot of stuff going on in the background to keep the
    maintenence up, and the BBS has been open since November 1 of last year and
    this is really the only time I have seen the *whole* system run without any
    major screwups..

    Praise the electron God OHM. She is looking over us!

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