Welcome to KK4QBN BBS!, your source for HAM related software, and texts. We also have tons of rare files available for download. Including old-school games, bbs-files, utilities.. And many many other.

Checkout all the games we have availble to play, we have over 150 registered games to play. some of the coolest from the past and present!

We have many different flavors of SRE installed, Dune, Star-Trek, and others, adding to the fun is barren realms elite, dungeon master, legend of the red dragon 1 and 2, falcons eye, falcons honor, planets teos, exitilus, and many more! give it a try! only a few games, and options are available to guest users, so sign up now!, its free!

7 different maps and setups of Operation Overkill are available.

You can check out system without signing up, but to have completely free access to everything you can sign up via Telnet, or here on the web. Only a couple questions, and you are good to go! Sign up now!

Use the app above to connect to kk4qbn right here on the website, or use links below for other options.

Download Syncterm for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Download the SBBSList SyncTerm dialing directory Here