The people

The people who have made this BBS what it is today.

Tim Smith (KK4QBN)


I've always been a BBS fan, I started a BBS as a hobby when I was 13, since, I've had one up in one form or another pretty much constantly, (besides a 7 or so year break I took. I also enjoy anything electronic related, especially Amateur Radio, and Radio Control (anything), ok thats enough about me, log in and introduce yourself :)

E-mail: kk4qbn@kk4qbn.synchro.net

Tristan B. Kildaire (Deavmi)


My name is Tristan B. Kildaire but on the Internet I am known sometimes as Deavmi. I have a huge interest in Computer Science (it's my life). I thought it would be nice to join a community of programmers and people who still like doing things the old way hence I came to this BBS to join the networks of wise programmers and people alike. I am the Co-SysOp here at KK4QBN and I work on the web interface side of things.

E-mail (KK4QBN-related): deavmi@kk4qbn.synchro.net

E-mail (General): deavmi@disroot.org

Vaughan Kildaire (Zeglo)

Logo design

I am an artist and designed the logo for KK4QBN.

E-mail: mcvaughan.kildaire@gmail.com

KK4QBN BBS is operated by SysOp Tim Smith (KK4QBN) and Co-SysOp Tristan Kildaire (Deavmi).

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